Morning People

I think dog owners must be morning people.

I awoke early in order to take a picture of my son leaving for his last first day of high school. After he left I was going to go back to sleep and wait for the washing machine repairman, but I read an article on my computer about an 85 year old woman who is a triathlete, attempting to get her transition times down. She’d already bested her time in an earlier race by three minutes.

I laced up my walking shoes and left the house.

Who would’ve known the neighborhood was such a busy place so early in the morn? Cars and buses (the school bus variety), bikers, other walkers, and no less than three dogs zipped, plodded (that would be me), or rolled down the road.

The air felt great. Not Cape May great, but great nonetheless. Could this become a habit? I’m eager to see what I do tomorrow.

But then I have cats, so that ought to tell you something.


About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at
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One Response to Morning People

  1. Ha ha. Love this. So true…I’ll be the one keeping up with the Golden Doodle

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