Invisible Me

Here’s a picture of me with my cat Oscar on my lap:

Can’t see me? I’m invisible! You can be, too. Try walking down the hall of a high school if you’re over twenty-five. You’re not only ignored, students crash into you with complete indifference.

Invisibility doesn’t stop with high school students. The other day I was sitting at McDonald’s reading a book a friend had recommended. I caught myself off guard when I read a passage and actually laughed. Out. Loud.

Ooops. A quick scan revealed no one noticed. Okay. I continued to read. Another funny passage had me giggling. The woman across the aisle got up to refill her drink.

This new skill I have could work to my benefit. I’d hire myself out to a local detective agency and spy on people right in front of them.

I just have to bring along a book. Or a cat. I’ve got the over twenty-five part down pat.


About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at
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