The Tie My Father Wore

I sewed a lot as a teenager and often made my own clothes. Not jeans, of course. They were for embroidering. Especially around the bell hems. I loved color and still do.

 When I found a pattern for a man’s tie, I figured that would be a great birthday gift for my dad. Because his birthday was in October, there were loads of fall colors in the fabric store. I chose a crepe with golds, greens, and reds.

I cut the fabric on the bias, and it was a snap to sew, being all straight lines. My mom was wary: “Oh, those are bright colors.”

But, to my astonishment and pride, he did wear it to his conservative job with the government. Yes, he was colorblind, but I liked to think he didn’t mind.

Whenever I see a similar fabric pattern, it reminds me of that tie and the courage it took to wear it. I smile and even chuckle a little, glancing down at my purple socks with cat faces.


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