Coincidence or ecnedicnioC?

I read a book the other day where the main character remembered writing a sentence at the same time with both hands as a mirror image. That sounded liked fun (and good for my brain, see blog entry dated 9/9/10), so I tried it. Here’s my attempt to write ‘the cat is fat’:

Not great, but probably something fun to do at a party.

Anyway, this morning, Merriam Webster sent me the word of the day. It was boustrophedon\boo-struh-FEE-dahn\. It is a style of writing where the sentence is written along a line and when the writer comes to the end of the line, he drops down and continues writing in the opposite direction.

Which would be okay it you wrote in pictures, I’m guessing, but the ancient Greeks used to do this before writing in a specific direction became standardized.

I still think it’s good for your brain.

!og uoy erehT

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