Do You ‘Diss’ the Christmas Missive?

View DetailsHow do you feel about receiving yearly Christmas letters? Do you rush to open the envelopes or online versions? Or, do you inwardly groan and set them aside?

Some letters turn into peculiar boast-fests about every award, decision, and new purchase. And, I wonder what people think as they write their letters from the viewpoint of their pet hamster. Do they image the recipients saying. “Wow, this is cute! I wish my rodents could write?”

I send a yearly letter. I mention something meaningful the little darlings have done, but mostly poke fun at my husband and myself. Well, mostly my husband and his biking obsession.

We recently received two such lovely letters. One from dear friends in Germany and the other from a fellow church member. She took one incident from her entire year—playing the piano for a local nursing home one afternoon and how it reminded her how thankful she was of her parents’ decision to buy her a piano, to practice every day, and to perform in her church as a young girl which had brought her to that moment. Feeling privileged “…to accompany these dear ones in singing songs that live in their hearts and memories, songs that hopefully trigger a reminder that they are exceedingly precious to God.”

So, give these letters a chance! You might get a gem, like Tricia’s. And, as my cat, Oscar, tells me frequently, “You gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet. Pass the potato salad.”



About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at
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