A Cat is Like a Pail of Water

ClipArtHave you ever noticed that a cat is like a pail of water? The water sloshes around as the pail moves, but once you set the pail down, the water gently, slowly becomes very still.

It’s like a cat! They bounce off the walls one minute, but if they sit too long, the eyes close, the breathing deepens, and, oops, they’re asleep.

Even odder is how my cat, Stanley, tucks his face into the sofa and sleeps without suffocating himself:

But, what is like a cat?

Baseball! Not that the players are asleep. They tensely wait as they focus, poised before they explode with action.

So, if a cat is like a pail of water and baseball is like a cat, then is baseball like a pail of water?

No. That’s ridiculous.

Coming up–Purple Car of the Weekend! I hope I find one.


About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at sandradgreen.webs.com
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