English Breakfast American Style

We know that our senses can serve as catalysts to memories. They are able to return us to anywhere in time, imagination, or the globe. For me, the taste of grilled tomatoes on an English breakfast brings me back to the times when we visited England. Every morning, we would sit in the dining room of an old vicarage, centuries old home, or quaint (still working after 500 years) farmhouse to a plate of thick bacon, eggs, fried bread, grilled tomatoes, and your choice of muesli, juice, tea, coffee–oh, dear, my stomach’s growling…

We always had a wonderful time on our English vacations. The people were great, the history was abundant, and even the small things, like a hillside speckled with sheep or rummaging through an antiques store, remain with us as treasured memories.

What memories will you take with you to 2011? And what will inspire them? The sight of blue hydrangeas and the taste of raspberries always remind me of my grandparent’s house which we had to sell this year. We may not be able to visit the tiny, stone house with its pine paneling and glass door knobs, but occasionally, these memories will tap on my mind like an old friend.

As for the English breakfast, I substitute plain toast and turkey bacon. But the tomatoes? Even if they’re the greenhouse variety, the sizzle in the pan and the acidic flavor always place me at a table, teacup in hand, and at the start of an exciting day.

Wishing you a year of wonderful days and memories!

Cheerio and Happy New Year!


About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at sandradgreen.webs.com
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