Daniel the Navigator

I finally got a GPS device and, while running errands one day, needed to use the feature to locate a local post office. I had a document which had to be post marked by Friday’s date. It was 4 PM, and I switched on the GPS to pick the closest one.

Daniel told me where to drive. He has a melodious English accent with all the comfortable authority of a vicar reading an Old Testament passage. I took off with (almost) full confidence in him.

To my utter surprise, after a little while, he assured me that the post office was on the right. I pulled into a Cabaras restaurant parking lot. No sign of an American flag. I drove through the attached shopping center. Maybe the post office was tucked next to a small boutique?

It was after 4:30. I abandoned searching for this post office. After tapping away on the GPS, I was off again.

Recalculating was the word of the day. It’s hard to turn left when you’re on the far right in afternoon traffic. When Daniel told me I’d be making a U-turn in .2 miles, I panicked. What about those jug handle turns in New Jersey where you turn right to turn left? Then I could always drive in the right hand lane.

I got in the left lane and turned into the side of a shopping center. Daniel frantically recalculated. But I saw a line of mail trucks.

I had made it to the back end of the post office!

With two minutes to spare, I mailed my letter and a Valentine’s Day package to my daughter at college. Daniel and I reconciled. I made to it my next stop with nary a peep from him.


About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at sandradgreen.webs.com
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