Ode to Tomatoes

It’s about that time of year to harvest your first homegrown tomatoes! I grow mine in pots on the deck because the deer eat them. Here’s a goofy poem I wrote in 1984 when I lived elsewhere and wasn’t bothered by deer:

I sprinkled seeds so tenderly

upon the sphagnum moss,

I watered thinking all the time

of fresh spaghetti sauce.

They grew until their little arms

reached high into the sun,

I plopped them in the earth outside,

Oh! Gardening is fun!

They grew so bushy, big, and green

I clapped my hands in glee,

I’m going on vacation now,

So grow! Don’t wait for me!

When I returned in two short weeks

a sight did I behold,

A covering of yellow buds

was ready to unfold.

It’s hard to wait so patiently

Just thirty-three more days,

Until I taste my homegrown treat

There must be other ways!

Hurrah! The tiny dumplings sprout

on branches six feet tall,

I count them by the hundreds now

I hope they’re ripe by fall.

So when the happy day arrives

the green will blush to red,

I’ll eat them morning, noon, and night

and munch them in my bed.

For on some cold December night

I’ll sit with order forms,

And choose six more varieties

to fend off winter storms.


About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at sandradgreen.webs.com
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