Looking for a Little…Inspiration?

The January/February 2012 issue of Poets and Writers has a huge section on where inspiration will take us if we prepare ourselves for it. On the other hand, I wrote a fanciful poem about inspiration published in 2010 in the erudite online journal Foundling Review. Wherever or whenever inspiration sparks in your head, I hope you take advantage of it.

If Only That Were Available By Post
Instead of scuffing around
with a coffee cup
looking for inspiration
in the way the wind pushes the upper branches
of the poplars just so – 
Instead of waiting for that idea
to drop in your brain,
stretch its spidery legs and
tickle the synaptic junctions
until you trip over yourself,
spilling coffee,
as you rush to your
chair and deliver the gem to your computer.
If only ideas came in the mail like
other things do – 
a pair of red, leather gloves,
a hand-painted end table,
bare-rooted rosebushes,
a honey cake.
If ideas came in the mail
they’d be sealed in blue and pink envelopes – 
like babies,
full of potential,
swathed in cellophane tape
and covered with
Turks and Caicos Hyacinth Macaw stamps
and butterfly stamps from the Maldives.   


About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at sandradgreen.webs.com
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