When Dance Intersects Writing Part 1

Themes in learning and practicing dance have comparable values when applied to writing. Here are a few similarities:


The most essential thing in dance discipline is devotion, the steadfast and willing devotion to the labor that makes the classwork not a gymnastic hour and a half, or at the lowest level, a daily drudgery, but a devotion that allows the classroom discipline to become moments of dancing too. -Merce Cunningham

How often do you ‘practice’ writing? That would include reading across genres, reading how to books, attending workshops and conferences, talking to other writers, having your work critiqued and critiquing other writers’ work, keeping a journal, and generally experiencing life and being observant.


Beginning, Middle, and End. What is your story/poem about? It’s important to sustain a strong core and not veer off to unrelated, possibly confusing, avenues.

Balance also comes from being pulled in different but equal directions at the same time. Do you have a strong narrative, but incomplete characters? Is the setting described to the last fork on a table, but the mystery wraps up in a series of fortuitous coincidences?


Beautiful language is always welcome. But characters don’t often speak like Shakespeare. Knowing the right choreography or writing style to fit the scene is crucial.

Tomorrow: Part II



About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at sandradgreen.webs.com
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