Say What? Six Hints on Writing Dialogue

In fiction, the characters must always get to the point when they talk. – Dean Koontz

Here are six suggestions for smooth, natural dialogue in your work:

1. Read a screenplay to understand how dialogue moves  the narrative along and reveals the characters without extraneous  description or the use of a narrator.

2. Don’t be afraid to start your book with dialogue.

3. Don’t write down every word like you’re recording a transcript. Take normal speech patterns and modify them so they read smoothly.

4. Alternate pure dialogue with action scenes.

5. Experiment with the placement of dialog or body tags in the line. Sometimes including them in the middle of the sentence, acting like a pause, adds tension.

6. Lastly, read your dialogue aloud and record it, listening for irregular or unnatural phrases.


About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at
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