Garbage Truck as Writing Tool Part 2

I didn’t realize there was a second part to the post from yesterday (Garbage Truck as Writing Tool) until I walked in the neighborhood again. As I passed an intersection, the same blue behemoth garbage truck poised to turn down the street where I walked.

I heard it behind me and hurried down the road. Roaring louder and louder, the Doppler Effect was in full force. I crept to the edge of the road wishing the smelly truck would overtake me, end the anticipation, and leave me in peace. But it paused, gathering energy (and trash). Was it aiming for me?

Suspense! Tension! Having our readers who can’t wait to find out what happens next and turn the virtual or actual page. Every scene needs to end with something not quite right. The character’s goal for that scene has not been met. Or if it has been met, a big BUT has to linger in the mind of the reader.

For instance: Did the truck side-swipe me? Did I run screaming into the woods and avoid the truck (my goal) only to be met with a rabid raccoon? Tune in tomorrow to see if I made it home!


About Sandy Green

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