Moody Views

What mood is conveyed to the reader in the piece you’re writing? How is it delivered? Dialogue, characterization, plot, and setting all express the mood your readers will draw from your work.

Picture this scene: A woman standing on a wooden foot bridge. Based on her hairstyle and coat, a glimpse into another time. The desolation of the trees and season add to the loneliness of her solitary figure huddled against the wind. Although the sky is cloudy, the sun shines, perhaps foreshadowing a happy ending? However, the quality of the physical photo expresses fragmentation and uncertainty. My father was stationed in New Mexico during World War II and took this snapshot of my mother before she returned to live with her parents in Brooklyn. This photo could represent a scene in a book or play, or an entire poem.

In poetry and fiction, setting can serve as an additional character. Like an unwelcome guest who doesn’t go home until the end of the piece. Considering the whole picture as well as its details enriches the narrative and engages the reader.

Mom in New Mexico during World War II


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