The Good, The Bad, and the Microsoft Update 14.2.0

Ever have one of those days?

Yesterday, I had an alert on my computer for an update from Microsoft (Service Pack 2: 14.2.0). I downloaded it, except it said it couldn’t proceed unless I closed Windows, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Chrome, etc. Which I did. Then it took so long, I went for a walk, ate lunch, and had a shower. It still wasn’t done, so I hit cancel.

Sandy Green going for a walk.

I found out my Excel worksheets wouldn’t open at all when I tried to update one, and the Word documents were messed up as well. Late last night I tried downloading it again because Microsoft said it was CRITICAL. It still hadn’t finished loading this morning!

I thought I’d reinstall the whole operating system since PowerPoint had joined the I Quit Working Party, but I couldn’t open the sliding doors in the console table where I keep the disc. I emailed my husband to complain because he has nothing better to do at work than to listen to me. HE TOLD ME HE WOULD PACK UP AND COME HOME TO FIX EVERYTHING. Secretly, I think he wanted to work from home anyway, but it was a nice gesture, which I appreciate.

I went for a walk and by the time I arrived home, so had he. As I showed him how I couldn’t open the door to the console and even chipped the bottom of the door when I tried to pry it up (I glued it back), the door slid open…

Chipped console table

I retrieved the disc, downloaded it, and everything is fine on the computer. My husband fixed the doors on the table because one had gotten off its track. He spent the rest of the afternoon working from the kitchen table.

However, during my walk I thought of three nice things. I had a haircut on Tuesday and am very pleased with it, the honeysuckle are blooming and smell delicious, and I’ve lost 10 pounds. 

Well, there you go.


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