Pink Snow?

Pink snow - cherry blossoms

What if we described snow as pink with the aroma of bubble gum? How would this enrich the mood in our writing (where appropriate)? Using our senses in descriptions, like this children’s poem I wrote, enhances the narrative:


I think that colors have a scent
So orange smells like rocks
You know, the kind that grinds to grit
 And gets in all your socks.

Most blue is fishy, like a lake
While green smells sort of grassy.
A leaf of spearmint comes to mind
‘Cause silver is so classy.

 A whiff of brown’s not chocolate
To me, it’s more like spuds.
While yellow favors daffodils
And white things smell like suds.

 With red I think of cinnamon
But purple’s scent is cool
Like that giant box  crayons
We bought to go to school.

Pink snow - cherry blossoms


About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at
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