Mysterious Purple Object of the Week

If it’s hanging from a tree, it must be…

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I have no clue. I saw two of these hanging from bent wires in a weeping willow while walking in the neighborhood. They are empty triangular prisms, about 2 feet high. 

Squirrel chaser?

Art object?

Virtual purple house for a purple martin?

When I ask the property owner, I’ll get back to you, or send me your best guess!


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6 Responses to Mysterious Purple Object of the Week

  1. Natasha Larry says:

    Hmm. Some kind of bird house? Maybe a designer bird house?

  2. Natasha Larry says:

    Hmm, a bird house? Some kind of odd, designer bird house?

  3. Peter says:

    I’m pretty sure they are traps to assess the spread of one kind of insect or another

  4. Martha says:

    I’ve seen a couple around here too and wondered what they are. The insect trap description sounds the most likely to me, but I’m interested to find out for sure.

  5. Sandy Green says:

    We have the answer! Thanks for waiting while we contacted our neighbor – The county came out and hung them to determine if there were ash borer in the area. Very practical, but at least they were a lovely shade of purple.

  6. Jan Dean says:

    Alien artefacts designed to lull visiting Arcturans into a false sense of security.

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