School Presentations

I was very happy to do two author presentations at Oak View Elementary School this week.  They have an after school Writer’s Club that split into different days because it is so popular. The children write everything from poetry and historical fiction to plays and graphic novels and every other sub genre!

I’ve done loads of writing and reading workshops with children from kindergarten to sixth grade, but not where I’ve used a PowerPoint presentation. The following is what I tried to anticipate or wound up learning. I figured if I didn’t write it down, it would be lost forever in the overstuffed filing cabinet of my mind.

  1. Take a copy of the PowerPoint on a thumb drive.
  2. Take a cable which fits the MacBook to the projector.
  3. Ask the students more questions, as they are not shy about sharing.
  4. If a writing task is planned, don’t assume they will all have paper and pencil.
  5. Arrive earlier than expected in case parking is cut off due to school buses.
  6. Bring a water bottle.
  7. If giving out bookmarks, don’t offer a choice.
  8. Bring extra batteries for computer clicker.
  9. Don’t worry! Realize that if any technical help is needed, there are at least twenty students who are more than willing and able to help!

If anyone has anything more to share, please do in the comment area. Thanks!


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5 Responses to School Presentations

  1. I’ve found it’s a good idea to have those bookmarks autographed ahead of time! If you can possibly visit the school beforehand to see where you are going to be doing the presentation, do so. And don’t forget to send a handwritten thank-you note to the contact person (the one who invited you to visit) as soon as possible after the event.

  2. Cyndy Unwin says:


    As the lucky recipient of your two wonderful visits, I just want to say THANK YOU! The kids really loved hearing about your writing experience and you had very practical ideas to share with them. We appreciate the longstanding relationship you have with Oak View and hope that you will continue to be part of the Oak View writing community for many years to come!

    Warmest wishes,
    Cyndy Unwin
    Oak View Writers’ Club sponsor

    • Sandy Green says:

      Thank you, Cyndy, Debbie Smith, and Ms.Baxter!! I had a wonderful time and was so impressed with the children. I know a lot of their knowledge and maturity is due to you all! I’d love to return again!

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