And the Answer Is…Wait, What was the Question?

Have you ever picked up a book you hadn’t read in a while and wondered about the bookmarks you stuck in it? While reorganizing my basement, I rediscovered several writing reference books. One was Conflict, Action & Suspense by William Noble, I briefly blogged about here on character development. 

Kentucky Fried Chicken Giant Chicken

I had a pink sticky on page 57, presumably marking an entry on TRANSITIONS. On page 95, I’d placed a postcard from the Marietta, GA Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant with its trademark giant chicken. This marked MULTIPLE FACES.

But the most interesting “bookmark” – for these were not intended as such, like these handmade beauties – I’d used a sheet of notebook paper and had written Answers on it with this list:

45.   18
48. -59
49.   15
56.     6
42.     9
44.     b
32.   35 

They’re not in order, or are are they all numbers. But the interesting place they marked was a subheading called HINTS AND SHADOWS, about letting your reader in on your story and not hiding all the “crucial facts” so the reader can figure it out. “Hints and shadows are the product of writing with subtlety and misdirection,” Noble writes.

Then, Dear Reader, please tell me what the questions these answers provide! 

PS The Mysterious Purple Object of the Week was part of the back of the booth at Burger King. Hence, the royal reference!


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