On a Quest – Interview with Book Blogger and Reviewer Stacie Theis

Stacie Theis

Stacie Theis – Discovering books one author at a time…

I’m happy to turn the tables and interview an interviewer, who also blogs about and reviews books. Thanks, Stacie, for letting us behind the scenes of your world!

1. How does being an author/artist help your ability to review books?

I am not certain that being an author/artist helps in my ability to review books. It may help somewhat with the children’s books. I am a volunteer art teacher and also help with reading groups at the local elementary school where I am exposed to what children seem to enjoy most and what they get excited about. As far as reviews in general, I try to remain impartial. Each of us are uniquely made and our preferences can vary greatly so with that in mind I look for positive aspects in the books I read and highlight that in my reviews.

2. What are your favorite genres to review?

I review all genres, but would have to say my favorite genres are children’s and young adult because I am able to share them with my children.

3. How did you decide to review books and blog about them?

I was contacted by Lynette Hoy of www.firetalkerpr.com and she asked if I would like to review and interview her client Tim Davis about his new children’s books Squiggly’s Race to the Ark for the blog I had at the time. It was such an incredible experience that I wanted to continue. I created www.beachboundbooks.com and have had such an incredible response. It feels good to wake up each morning knowing I get to spend the day helping others, while doing something I love.

4. How often do you blog? 

My ‘Blogging About Books’ page which is found on my website is where I post my book reviews. I try to post a daily book review so generally 5 posts per week. Email subscribers are updated each time I post a new review so more than one email a day from me may cause them to unsubscribe.

5. If you could have dinner with any author(s), who would they be and why?

I would have dinner with Carrie Wilkerson, author of The Barefoot Executive to thank her for sharing her experiences in the hopes of helping others. After reading her inspirational book I was reminded that I am a talented human being with something special to offer the world (or at least the authors of the world). I have been a stay-at-home mom for 15 years and in the midst of taking care of my husband and kids I lost track of my passions and talents. Don’t get me wrong, I would not trade being a stay-at-home mom for anything and feel blessed everyday that I am able to be home with my kids, but Carrie Wilkerson’s book helped motivate me to create something on my own based on the gifts I posses. Without reading her book and the encouragement from Lynette Hoy http://www.beachboundbooks.com would not exist.

6. How important is the cover of the book to your first impression of the story?

Certainly, a catchy or artistic book cover grabs a reader’s attention because that is their first impression of your book. I know for children a book cover is usually the only factor taken into consideration when choosing to read or not to read a book. I try not to judge a book by its cover, but honestly a more appealing cover seems to draw me in and leaves me eager to read what’s inside.

7. Have you ever read a book and found a character particularly memorable (for either good or evil qualities)?

I really enjoy true stories and am a sucker for happy endings. Elizabeth Gilbert, author and main character of Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favorite characters. Her trials and tribulations are common among women and her journey to self discovery and learning to love herself is inspiring.

Find Stacie at beachboundbooks.com, on Facebook – Beachboundbooks, and on Twitter @beachboundbooks


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3 Responses to On a Quest – Interview with Book Blogger and Reviewer Stacie Theis

  1. Wonderful you are the one being interviewed. Great to learn more about you. Good questions!

  2. Yay! An interview with Stacie!! Stacie has helped so many authors, and it’s nice to hear about herI I wish I’d thought of it! Thanks, Sandy Green

  3. Right, it’s nice to hear about Stacie! Thank you!

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