Castle in the Clouds

With a Castle in the Clouds the Welkin’s the Limit

Welkin: the vault of the sky : firmament

Renvyl, Connemara County Galway

Renvyl Castle, Renvyl, Connemara County Galway

Maybe it’s just me, but this word sounds like a beach shell. Actually, a whelk is a sea snail. I certainly don’t picture a pointy, knobby, coiled shell when I gaze heavenward. I also don’t picture what I wrote in this poem first published in Stone’s Throw Magazine in 2009: 


The purple line
skimming the horizon
doesn’t buzz;
It doesn’t flash and blink
and cause fits;
The line against the sky
widens like
feathers thrown into the air,
It curves and hugs the fractals of hills
and houses,
blackening them;
It doesn’t bleach the air
and smell of chlorine;
It hasn’t cut off the warmer colors
as it bends around the earth
trying to shake its own hand.

whelk shell


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