Get a Grip on Teapot Drip

drip catcherThis teapot drip catcher is a clever design to stop the dribbles from teapots after you pour the tea. I liked it so well, I made my own with a couple of appropriate metal buttons threaded on narrow elastic. A curved piece of 16 gauge wire to hook on the teapot handle and a bit of sponge to absorb the excess tea completed the handy design. As a bonus, it holds the lid on securely.

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Or use a teapot with a reverse spout. I have one, and it never drips. It is made of that classic red clay like the famous Sadler Brown Betty teapots. With a little research I found that it was made before 1931 by the Alcock, Lindley & Bloore factory formerly located on Clough Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England between 1916 and 1976.    

Good luck finding one. I bought mine in an antique shop in Swedesboro, NJ over a decade ago, but I found another reverse spout teapot here and here.

Teapot made in England with reverse spout


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