From Apples to Apple Butter

Apple Buttter


Our large pot,
the one that was your mother’s,
my grandmother’s,
bubbles with white apples
and sugar,
Ropes of green and red skins
pile on the counter

We hunch at the kitchen table
words rising and fading like steam
under the hanging light
which brightens
as the day outside darkens

We take turns
mashing the apples,
stirring the mixture,
Streaks of beige
to brown inside the pot

The pulp burps and splatters,
our words slow
and deepen,
Murmurs and apple scent
float through the kitchen:
the table creaks
the burner clicks
the mash thickens

All the apples
peeled and sliced,
Hours later reduce to
a thick, dark spread,

All the stories
the best parts repeated.


About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at
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2 Responses to From Apples to Apple Butter

  1. Lovely images, Sandy. And apple butter is so yummy!

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