Running in Black and White

Last summer, I had the urge one evening to run in darkness. It was cooler than running during the heat of the day, and I felt guilty about not getting any exercise. The air was moist and smooth, but the whole experience felt unreal, like running in a dream. Even headlights probing the street seemed disembodied from the car. When I returned home, except for being energized, I wondered if I’d really been outside.

Today, I slapped through the neighborhood in the snow. Wet snow and rain stung my face. The air was more than crisp, it cut through my clothes. The intense brightness was surreal, but in a different way than running in the cocoon of night. I didn’t last long and was definitely aware I had been outside.

What was the difference? The temperature, attitude, time? Being outside during the day in the snow was hyper-real, unlike the dreamlike experience of night. Which is why, I guess, it’s perfect for sleep.  



About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at
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2 Responses to Running in Black and White

  1. Joanne Fritz says:

    This is lovely, Sandy! And we had snow this morning too, five days into spring. I wouldn’t have lasted long outside either.

    Other than a possible safety issue, I think running at night is a great idea in the summer. It’s far too hot during the day.

  2. Oh we still have snow too. It’s interfering with my running schedule. I wish for warmer weather to come soon.

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