A Canorous Way to Awaken

Canorous: pleasant sounding : melodious

You’ve heard the Disney version of canorous birdsong in the morning where melodious  whistles and tweets prompt you to hum along as you skip through your morning routine. But what about the rhythm of a chugging dishwasher? Would it have the same effect, especially if you wake up grumpy?

This poem was first published in the Fairfax Connection Newspaper in 2008.



His eyes,
like the underside of a leaf,
skim across the newspaper,
snag on a column,
flit to the end:

he turns page after page,
fanning the coffee cloud,
then his reward,
the puzzle

he takes his pen,
and marks the crosswords,
“What’s that dance in spring?” he asks me,
I shrug and drag the sugar bowl to my mug

I know it’s the maypole,
Twisting ribbons, spinning girls,
I stir whorls of blackness in my cup,
Round and round,
en tournant

I’ve long stopped dancing in spring
Or fall
Or winter
Or summer

The pen rests,
He reaches for my hands,
pulls me to my feet,
“That’s our song,” he says and nods to the dishwasher
clanging through its cycles,
I laugh as we twirl.

About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at sandradgreen.webs.com
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2 Responses to A Canorous Way to Awaken

  1. This is wonderful, Sandy. Thanks for sharing it.

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