NO ONE’S WATCHING Cover Reveal and Release!

If you’re not following your dreams, whose dreams are you following? Find out if Kitri’s forbidden step into Irish dance will cause her stumble and lose her family’s support in NO ONE’S WATCHING! Available from Astraea Press right now on Amazon:

No One's Watching

At summer dance camp, the romance of Swan Lake collides with the raw energy of Riverdance as fourteen-year-old Kitri falls hard for all things Irish. Especially her crush-turned-partner Blake.

Although she’s expected to follow in her mom’s and grandma’s turned-out footsteps – dance in a ballet company and teach at the family dance school – Kitri can’t help exploring this forbidden dance form. Why is her mom so hostile about Irish dance?

For the end-of-summer dance camp performance, Kitri and Blake are chosen to perform Irish dance, and the stress of defying her mom becomes unbearable. When her arch rival is injured, Kitri is offered the coveted ballet piece in place of Irish dance. Will she destroy her mom’s hopes or tie a Celtic knot to her new passion, suffer the fallout, and hang on? 


About Sandy Green

I am a poet and children's author. Visit my website at
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