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Take Heart Valentine Quilt and Tea Cozy

In 1989, I made this heart inspired quilt for my dad when he was having a pace-maker implanted. Twenty-five years later, I revisited the fabric scraps and mixed them with other scraps to make this tea cozy! Combine the strip … Continue reading

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Craft Your Own Valentine Heart (Placemat)

Sew a quilted heart placemat today for a sweet Valentine supper tomorrow!  Choose six complementary fabrics, three in each light and dark shades. I picked a spring green and strawberry red garden color theme. You’ll need 1/4 yard of each … Continue reading

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Tea Cozy with a French Twist

I made a slightly larger tea cozy because I didn’t think I had enough of these tea pot warmers in my collection (see previous post). The blue tea cups on a background of brilliant yellow give the cozy a French … Continue reading

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Mini Tea Cozies So Sweet You Won’t Need Sugar

My tiny 1 1/2 cup teapot was in need of a cozy. It swam in a regular-sized cozy, so I decided to make one (or two) to suit it. The pattern measures 9 inches by 11 1/2 inches before sewing. … Continue reading

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Spools as Tools

Imagine your main story premise running as a single thread through your story. Subplots provide other threads. More spools spin off several characters and conflicts. The setting takes one more strand, or maybe two or three. But has your story … Continue reading

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The Tie My Father Wore

I sewed a lot as a teenager and often made my own clothes. Not jeans, of course. They were for embroidering. Especially around the bell hems. I loved color and still do.  When I found a pattern for a man’s tie, … Continue reading

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Loose Buttons

  I was ironing a blouse and maneuvering around an extra button the manufacturer had sewn in the inside of the side seam and got to wondering. Why? Why the extra button? Did the manufacturer doubt the strength of the … Continue reading

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