Middle Grade Adventure – The Tide Changers

“A riveting read for young readers… very much recommended.”

The Midwest Book Review

In this middle grade undersea adventure, a thirteen-year-old boy thirteen-year-old overcomes his fear of the water after losing his father in a scuba diving accident and discovers a startling secret about himself and his sister.

The ocean harbors a whole world of underwater people and scary sea monsters beneath its surface that Ford and Mercy must explore hoping they’ll find some clue to the disappearance of their father and the astonishing secret they share about the water.

The Tide Changers is an exciting page-turner and undersea adventure for children ages 9-13!

Autographed copies available for purchase! Please contact Sandy here.

IMG_0018The Tide Changers


1 Response to Middle Grade Adventure – The Tide Changers

  1. I’m 12, so I think I’ll probably but your book! I want to be an author when I’m older, and my blog is full of all my stories. I’d absolutely love it if you’d take a look, and criticize a bit (I think my family are a bit scared too tell me when I’m rubbish) Thanks! Gertie Pickles xxx

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